Friday, June 27, 2008

Dinoguy on 2 wheels

This is what happens when Uncle M suggests Dinoguy try a "bigger" bike. Dinoguy asks me to move the training wheels from the smaller bike to it, I tell him we'll have to wait for Grandpa Actuary to come back and help, but I'll help him keep from falling.

We make a few circles around the driveway, Grandpa Actuary comes home and gets a better bike out of storage and after approximately 15 seconds of me helping him on that bike he doesn't need help anymore and is riding without training wheels.

It was an awesome moment, realizing that he's big enough to balance and ride a bike by himself. I felt a little sad, realizing I was watching another of the growing up "milestones" that there are few in number. Mostly I was in awe, watching my baby master a 2 wheel bike in the course of an afternoon. He rode the bike for hours that day, and every day of the rest of the visit, prompting Grandma & Grandpa to give him the bike.


The Kane Family said...

Woo Hoo, go Dinoguy! What I big step in a child's life!

Sarah, Chris, Elijah & Sadie said...

Wow! That's so awesome! Just goes to show you, when the circumstances are right- the learning just happens :)

Roni said...

Yea, Dinoguy!!!
What determination!! So cool!!


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