Friday, June 27, 2008

Family Golf

Family golf is a special time set aside on Saturdays for families to play on one of the courses. Because of the recent flooding, only 5 of the 9 holes were available, which was perfect for us. Just enough golfing to have a great time. Plus, we were the only family on the course, so there was no pressure at all. We had a blast.


mariann said...

Family golf rocks! Looks like you are going to have some good golfers on your hands when they get older! CUTE!

The Kane Family said...

Another cool adventure! you guys must have had a blast th whole time!

Sarah, Chris, Elijah & Sadie said...

Family golf looks awesome (and I don't even like golf!)!

Roni said...

How awesome that you had the place to yourself!
Looks like such a good time!!


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