Friday, June 27, 2008

Fishing with Fishing Grandma

When you have a fishing grandma you know you are going to get to go fishing when you visit! :)

Fishing grandma took us to a nearby stocked pond so Dinoguy could try to catch a fish. This is one of the few pictures I snapped of her the entire time we visited, she is obviously trained in the stealth art of picture avoidance.

Uncle M tries a different technique with the fishing pole.

Dinoguy really enjoys fishing. He had a blast. Trainboy declared it the "best fishing ever!"

Trainboy later decided that part of a good fishing expedition included playing on the nearby playground.


The Kane Family said...

My kids are always asking me to take them fishing. Unfortunately, I am fishing clueless!

Roni said...

What fun!!
I'm with Trainboy -- gotta have some playground fun, too! :-)


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