Monday, April 14, 2014

Celebrating Easter all week

Dying Easter Eggs 2013
It's almost Easter. In fact it is Holy Week and I want to do some nice activities with my kids to help them remember our Savior and learn about the significance of His actions this week. It is a little late to be planning but I made a simple plan for each day this week, trying to bridge the interest levels of my kids and incorporate family traditions and favorite activities. My goal is to celebrate and teach but keep it low key and reasonable.

The first thing I'm doing is downloading the Easter All Week booklets for the scriptures and simple summaries of what happened each day of this week. We did these before but it has been a few years and I doubt my older boys will remember.

Then in addition to the scripture readings, for my younger kids I'm reading an Easter themed story each day and for all of the kids we'll have a simple activity. While I wish I had started with something yesterday on Palm Sunday, I think it'll be okay to start today.

The books are ones I have in our personal library or have borrowed from the local library. I got ideas for books from this list.

Book – The Little Duck by Judy Dunn
Activity – Plan of Salvation puzzle
     Scripture Reading from booklet

Book – The Legend of the Easter Egg by Lori Walburg
Activity – Jerusalem Temple coloring page
     Scripture Reading from booklet

Book – The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes by Du Bose Heyward
Activity – Shaving Cream Egg painting 
     Scripture Reading from booklet

Book – Little Bunny’s Easter Egg Surprise by Jeanne Modesitt
Activity – Dye Easter eggs
     Scripture Reading from booklet

Book – My Easter Basket and the True Story of Easter by Mary Manz Simon
Activity – Passover Themed Meal
     Scripture Reading from booklet

 Activity – Resurrection Rolls 
Book – Petook, An Easter Story by Caryll Houselandero  
      Scripture Reading from booklet

Book – I feel my Savior’s Love, Artwork by Greg Olsen
Activity – Family Easter Egg Hunt 
     Scripture Reading from booklet
 The Resurrection Rolls are a family favorite and are pretty simple. I've not done a Passover themed meal before, but using the ideas linked above I think I can do a simple one for my kids.

Well that is my plan for the week. What fun things are you doing with your family to celebrate Easter and teach about the Savior this week?

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