Sunday, February 02, 2014

Getting to know Baby (Nov 2013)

Our sweet new baby had four siblings eager to meet him and welcome him into our family. They came to visit at the hospital just a few hours after he was born. He was quickly held by all of his big brothers and sister many times. They were all thrilled to meet him.

And then after one overnight stay, it was time to take him home! I so prefer sleeping in my own bed where people don't come in to check your blood pressure at 1 AM or clean your room at 6 AM (or forget to bring you any dinner...sigh.)
So small in his car seat

One day old, one eye squint.

Maybe Mom should hold him now...

Naps with dad are the best

Grandma arrived after a couple of days.

He has not shown a preference for swaddling.

Being naked makes him happy as long as he's warm.

This kid is a big helper

Super helpful big sister loves holding baby.

These two are going to be good friends, can't you tell?

My youngest three cuties

Getting to know Gramma

He loves eating his thumb

After his first shower, at two weeks old.
We were all smitten with him. His personality is to be relaxed and happy overall. He doesn't like sudden loud noises and when he gets angry it happens quickly. But he sleeps through sibling noise most of the time and likes to be held by them also.

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