Wednesday, February 12, 2014

December 2013 Activities

After Grandma went home (sniff... we missed her!) we started to do some normal stuff again. Lots of baby holding time of course!
This fake wall tree at the doctor fascinates my kids. They keep trying to climb it.

Yummy...Peppermint Chocolate sandwich cookies with sprinkles!

What a contrast - Big brother and baby brother

They are watching a movie I think. So no focus on the picture. Sigh.

Loves to eat his fist.

Nap with Dad.

Sorry for the odd picture - I had to take it myself sadly. But I got a fabulous haircut that I love in early December. It was perfect timing because it meant my hair looked great at my sister's wedding!

Love that he fell asleep with his brother

Baby fencer pose

Look Mom, I got my hands unswaddled! Hah!

They don't really understand why he isn't super excited about toys like they are!

Christmas Dino Jammies!
So there you have a short summary of the first half of December here. We made cookies (several times), and we watched some movies and we played with Baby. Changing his clothes is a fun activity. Changing his diaper and feeding him are requirements. We also managed to get the tree up!

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