Saturday, February 15, 2014

Trainboy turns 9 (December 2013)

My sweet little boy is growing up. We celebrated that he has been part of our family now for 9 years in December.

Breakfast in bed. Didn't know I had started a tradition there. Oops.
Cute brother helped me out by holding baby.
After much deliberation, he decided a peppermint chocolate ice cream cake was what he wanted. So I set out to make my first ice cream cake.
My cake is huge!

Lots of candles

Picture showing the inside of the giant cake.
I followed a recipe, but the ice cream layer was just too thick for us. I think that yummy fudgey layer that you get from store bought cakes would have been a nice addition. When you add in that it had to be kept in the freezer also, this cake wasn't completely consumed until mid January.

Favorite present: A calculator
So earlier in the month, Trainboy had an abscess in his mouth and had to get a tooth pulled after a round of antibiotics. While he was at the dentist, his dad made a video to show me later of what happened. In it Trainboy is asked what he wants for Christmas and his immediate answer is "a calculator". Hah! Love it! That was an easy birthday present to get him. He was thrilled! (I should note that part of that desire probably comes from the fact that I am protective of my calculator that I use for tutoring work. He has gotten in trouble for "playing" with my calculator before.)

This kid is really growing up to be an awesome person. I can't believe he is already 9. It doesn't seem like that much time could have already passed. I still remember trying to get him to sleep and how much time I spent worrying about making sure he got his naps. Now he tells me how busy he is trying to fit in all the books he wants to read.
Trainboy as a baby with a beautiful head of hair.

My oldest two boys in 2005
The older ladies who stop you at the store to tell you to cherish the baby stages because you'll miss it and it'll be gone so quickly - I know what they mean now. But in those moments of not getting enough sleep it seemed like every day was never ending in length and I don't have enough memories of cuddling him. I wish I could go back and just hold Trainboy as a baby again. Since I can't, I guess I'll hold his baby brother extra and try to pack in the memories of joy of now. Because Trainboy is an awesome kid with a big heart full of love. He is sweet and caring and helpful. He is inquisitive and a stickler for following the rules. He has a quick temper when he perceives injustice. He loves to watch the birds and grow plants. He is observant and thoughtful. He is wonderful. I am glad he is part of my family.
Dec 2006, age 2
Dec 2008, age 4, becoming a big brother for the first time
Dec 2010 about to eat his baby corn he grew in the garden.
Jan 2013, age 8, being goofy for baptism pictures

Trainboy age 9, Baby age 7 weeks  (early January 2014)

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Jessica said...

Happy late birthday Trainboy:)
Time really does fly and kiddos really do grow so fast, your post is a good reminder for me to take more notice of each moment and appreciate it, even when things are really hard. <3 thanks for that reminder :)


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