Friday, February 21, 2014

Christmas Activities 2013

Christmas this year was quiet and lovely. My idea of a fabulous Christmas day involves delicious food, staying in your pajamas all day if you want, reading new books, and playing with games and new toys. This Christmas fit that wonderful ideal. We had a lovely day.
Shortly before Christmas he turned 1 month old!
We made several batches of sugar cookies.
Yum! Let's eat cookies!
Princess wanted to make these 3D Christmas trees with me.
She thought they were awesome.
Gingerbread house kit. Fairly easy and kids are happy.
Baby loved this Christmas outfit. Ha!
A little happier
All 5 kids in footie pajamas. We don't have special Christmas jammies but they were all warm and cozy in their footies.
Working on a new puzzle and playing with baby dragons with my sweet Little Guy
Baby hanging out in another Christmas outfit.

Baby and Fixitman. Look at him pick up his head!
Dinoguy assembling a model ship.
Trainboy assembling a model ship.
Princess starts to move her barbies into their new doll house

Little Guy joins the fun.

Late breakfast after gifts

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