Saturday, December 14, 2013

Soccer and Flag Football, October 2013

 October was the busy season for Flag Football and Soccer games. At least it was supposed to be. About half of the flag football games were cancelled because the fields were so wet from rain they couldn't play. These are during the week games. Soccer games are on Saturdays and was only cancelled once.

I continued to try to get a good picture, despite the adverse conditions of having a camera phone and it being dusk or night time.
On the far right, discussing things with coach (wearing a backpack)

His signature split leg ready position. (Far right)
Cool picture of the moon and evening star.
He is second from the left here, in the same stride position as above.
Second from the right also.
At the very end of the season I learned that their jerseys were reversible depending on if they were the "home" or "away" team!

 Fixitman usually had work so it was me and the younger siblings on the sidelines. I had two methods of keeping them happy during games. Playing on tablets and playing ball. They took turns with both.
Siblings playing on the tablet during the game.
Little Guy playing soccer during the football game.
His turn on the tablet.
Princess plays soccer.
 Friends were visiting when we went to one of his games and they came with us - it was while the weather was pleasant. We had fun putting Princess' bow on her daughters as well.
It perfectly matched her outfit!

She just thought it was a fun accessory to wear!

Look Mom, I dumped our water on myself!
  Soccer games were on Saturday mornings. It started to be cold or rainy on most Saturdays in October, making for extra fun. I did not take all of the kids after the first couple games because of the weather.

Trainboy is right in front of the umpire in yellow. He is participating in the coin flip to start the game.
After the first game and almost losing his glasses several times,we had to get him a strap to hold his glasses on!

He is on the left, closest to the camera

If only I had the side or front view here instead of the back!
Trainboy had some difficulties with weather or with injuries at some of the games in October. By injuries, I mean being struck with the ball in unpleasant places and it putting him in a horrible mood for the rest of the game. Despite this, he always said he had fun playing soccer and liked it much more than flag football.

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