Monday, December 16, 2013

Little Guy turns 3 (October 2013)

Little Guy celebrated 3 years of life in October. It was a fun birthday. We had a couple family friends come over and join us in celebrating his birthday with his favorite dinner items and cake.
Playing with his remote control fire engine after Fixitman resoldered the connections.Coincidental that it happened on his birthday he could use it again, but he was thrilled!

He ask for a dragon cake. Since his favorite movie is "How to Train Your Dragon" wings were the most important feature. I used the Wilton Dinosaur pan and added chocolate wings. (My awesome sister's suggestion)

After eating salad, mac & cheese and hot dogs, it was time for cake!

After cake he opened his presents.
Photobombing by a family friend.
Haha I cropped the photobomber out of this picture.
These two boys are good friends. Dinoguy loves to hold babies also.

Love this picture. :)
In trying to figure out what to get the three year old boy who has everything (because he has older brothers!) I thought of getting him a pet fish. So we went to the pet store and he picked out a baby beta fish. I have never had a pet fish and as soon as we got home and started to set it up, the lunacy of this started to settle in. I had taken responsibility for another life again! Ack!
Sometimes his fish' name is Wendy, sometimes it is Peter Pan. I guess it depends on if he believes it to be a girl or boy fish at the time. The good news is the fish is still alive, almost two months later! Hooray!

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