Sunday, December 08, 2013

Scouts, Soccer and Some other pictures (September 2013)

Trainboy earned his wolf badge in September pack meeting. He was very excited, he also earned 5 arrow points and several belt loops.

Because Fixitman had a class scheduled at the same time as pack meeting, I had the joy of taking my two younger ones with me to pack meeting by myself. Enter the use of electronic babysitters. Coloring and reading have not worked in the past, but sadly the tablets didn't seem to keep them quiet enough either. But they did allow me to go up with him for receiving his badge so he could put the mom pin on me. I think there was a fingerprint smudge on my lens for these pictures because they all have a slightly out of focus sheen to them. Oh well.

Dinoguy also earned quite a few badges and things at this pack meeting. He had earned his arrow of light at this point but the crossover ceremony was planned for the following month.

He loves scouting!
Trainboy really enjoyed both practices and playing in the games and was quite into what was happening.
For the first time, Dinoguy and Trainboy chose different sports. Dinoguy chose to do flag football again but Trainboy decided he wanted to play soccer. The limitations of a camera phone are extremely apparent when attempting to photograph sports.
On the far left here, running to assist his teammates.
On the far left here also. Their team had the dubious distinction of getting the "hot pink" jerseys. I always argued it was a fluorescent shade of orange but that may have been my sunglasses distorting the color. They decided to call their team the Panthers.
I decided to take pictures of my pregnant self at 32 weeks pregnant.So here I am at age 32, 32 weeks pregnant. Being a number lover, 32 = 2^5, and I am pregnant with my fifth child. Yay for numbers!

One Sunday before heading to church. She asked for a picture.

Trainboy is ready for church with scriptures and tithing ready to go!
I love this snapshot, I just took it one day while we were waiting to pick up Dinoguy from violin lessons. Isn't he handsome?

Of course Princess ask me to take her picture too!
Princess is developing her photo bombing skills here.

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