Thursday, April 11, 2013

Playing in the Snow! (December 2012)

When traveling north in the winter, what were a bunch of Texas kids excited about? Snow! Lucky for us in travel, there was no snow when we traveled up to Idaho. The kids were not quite as happy about this, but it made for an easy drive. When the snow started coming, it didn't stop until we had several feet. All four kids were delighted about playing in the snow.
Princess tried her hand at clearing the snow with a shovel, like her dad.

Dinoguy and Trainboy quickly found their way up a hill their Uncle had made for the kids to sled on in the winter.

Considering the futility of shoveling? Or the fun her brothers are having sledding?

Little Guy trying to get up the hill was adorable. He needed help.

A very happy Trainboy

Princess joined in the sledding and enjoyed it very much.

Later on when helping clear their Grandparents' driveway, these boys were easily distracted by snowballs.


Mom! He hit me with a snowball!

Princess LOVES snow.

Trainboy with a giant snowball, shortly before being told not to throw it at me.

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