Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Christmas 2012

We drove up to Idaho before Christmas. The kids got to open some of their Christmas presents that were here before we left, (I was not taking them all across the country and back!) We intended to have a small Christmas in Idaho. The kids seemed to get plenty though and were quite happy on Christmas morning.
Little Guy readies to open his first present


Making a mess wrapping of paper

All tuckered out later in the day, needing a nap.

Fixitman and I were both feeling under the weather on Christmas and slept most of the day. The boys built a lot of legos and played with cousins a bunch. Princess got an awesome Lego Friends set she had a great time playing with it and her other toys. Little Guy got a set of miniature Thomas trains that was and still is a big hit with him. We also had a great huge dinner with lots of family. It was a lovely Christmas.

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