Thursday, April 04, 2013

Trainboy turns 8! (December 2012)

My dear second son turned eight in December 2012. He was super excited! We had a small party at home on his birthday with cake and presents and phone calls. Our big celebration was later when we were in Idaho and he was baptized.
I removed his name from the cake in this picture. But isn't he handsome?

On the phone with grandparents, waiting to open presents!

Here is a short set of pictures showing Trainboy grow up from birth to eight:
Shortly after birth, beautiful curly brown hair with blond tips
Blessing day

Six months old

About 1 year old

Almost 2 years old!

Third birthday seeing the trains with his dad

Almost four at a theater

Five years old eating a gingerbread house

Six years old, excited for a bionicle toy

Seven years old with new glasses

Eight years old with his birthday blanket

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