Monday, January 11, 2010

Story writing

Today's writing game was to roll dice and see how many words you get to add to the story. It went really well, Dinoguy wrote 30-40 words happily and Trainboy wrote about 10-15. I got to write the very end thru dictation as they were done writing. I believe it was a successful way to have fun and practice some writing. Here is our story below, it is quite fun.

The Angry Tiger by Dinoguy, Trainboy & Mom

Once there was a tiger and he was angry! One day the tiger was sleeping, but a mouse jumped on him. The tiger was hungry and he wanted a person to eat. So he asked the mouse "Where can I find a person?" "You can find a person outside of the jungle." The tiger said "Thank you" and gobbled up the mouse. Then he went out of the jungle. but whenever he saw a person, they ran to safety. The tiger decided to get to the cheetah's house to ask for help to catch a child for them to eat. The cheetah said "I will help with you." So they built a trap to catch a child. They hid nearby and waited for a child. After 12 minutes a child came and was caught! The trap had macaroni and cheese in it and the child was trapped by a cage falling. They ate the child right up before he even got to eat the macaroni and cheese. The end.

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