Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Fresh start

January and the end of the holidays brings a fresh start to homeschooling for us. Yesterday and today have been rewarding, the boys have loved the new suggestions and ideas I've provided. We've been using some games from Games for Writing and some experiments from Science Experiments you can Eat. We've done some online Spanish practice games and watched sign language videos and Dino Hunter. There's been a lot of bouncing on the trampoline, some popcorn art projects, jell-o, and reading. Lots of reading. We are reading The Phantom Tollbooth as well as finishing up A Christmas Carol in addition of course to lots of fun shorter books. Munchkin loves the Sandra Boynton books, like Blue Hat, Green Hat.

Wribbling the pizza orders of various superheroes was quite an undertaking. The pizzas were massive and creative. The orders came from Hawaii, China, even outer space. No whales were harmed. (N.B. Wribbling is writing/scribbling combined, a concept in the book Games for Writing).

I'm not one to take pictures much of the time, but perhaps I may try it again soon. Thus far, the journey is full of joy. Also, I feel at peace in these times. It's what they crave, and I love it too. It is a reminder of what a joy homeschooling can be.

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Kristi said...

I love how you have a word of the year. This year, mine is "focus". Focus on what's important, focus on the positive, etc. I find I get distracted easily with things that don't matter in the eternal scheme of things, and I tend to dwell on the things I want to change rather than the things that are going well.


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