Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Gumdrop building

Today after we got home from our trip to violin lessons and shoe shopping we watched a video about solids, liquids & gases. It went well with what we did yesterday experimenting with popcorn and discussing how water inside it turning to a gas causes it to explode out of its shell and "pop".

Then we built shapes out of gumdrops and toothpicks. The boys were much more creative then me, but we had a good time building a gumdrop city. Munchkin squealed with glee when she saw the gumdrops and immediately grabbed several to stuff in her mouth. She kept trying to eat the boys creations too.

At some point I said to them "Today is done, today was fun, tomorrow is another one." They liked that bit of wisdom and when I said it was from a book on their bookshelf, Dinoguy demanded to know which one. I told him it was Dr. Seuss but he still didn't find it. I pulled it off the shelf for him. We read it, we read several other books and more in our chapter books. Another lovely day.


Stephanie said...

His tower reminds me of Goo!

Amy said...

We did the same thing (except with mashmallows) in my math class for elementary teachers last year when we were talking about polygons. It was way more effective than what I'd done before, and way more fun, even for college students :).


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