Saturday, September 05, 2009

Giant tire

Did you know that giant tires are really heavy and hard to move? It's true.
Fixitman complained a lot about moving it. But the kids sure think its a fun toy.Even Munchkin wants to crawl out and take a look.Oh the joys of the random stuff people throw away. :)


Bridget said...

fixitman - there is a reason they use them for strongman competition and training. Coach P says to suck it up :)

mariann and Tory said...

Now that you have it in your backyard...what r u going to do with it? I think a raised garden would be perfect...or a tire swing:)

duff said...

Tell Coach P when I was roused from my bed to go down the street to bring it home I was not in the mood to have it fall over in my driveway. Also, because the only time strongman has been used to describe me is when someone says, "you stink really strong man." That is about it.


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