Friday, September 04, 2009

Family visits

My mom & 3 sisters stopped by for quick visits this past month. We went to the park with cousins, we played in the backyard on a homemade slip'n'slide. We played scrabble and ate yummy food. It was wonderful to see them.

(Please ignore the annoying (and incorrect I think) date stamp from my mom's camera. I turned it off for her after the fact, but am too lazy to go edit the pics and take it out.)Trainboy found a letter U on the ground at the park.
Munchkin walking with Auntie
2nd cousin
Gets a gift from Great grandma thru Great Auntie.
Dinoguy holds his cousin
Sweet munchkin w/Aunt

Me and my sisters
My sisters and my kids!
Sarge gets excited for the water play
She's a cute one.

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Stephanie said...

Cousins and loves.
Nothing better!


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