Saturday, August 08, 2009


Today I went for a 5 mile run with Sarge and then Fixitman took the boys to Lowes to build paddle boats.

A little bit later we went to the library to turn in final summer reading lists and of course, get more books. Trainboy wandered around picking up books that had appealing covers while Dinoguy pretty much cleared out new dinosaur books he found. We also picked up some tickets for the Zooniversity show later that afternoon and went home for lunch and to read/water the garden.

Dinoguy had found a Transformers graphic novel that was a big hit with the boys. Trainboy has a toy Bumblebee car/transformer he won at Earth day and they loved hearing some of the stories associated with the cool toy. (None of us have seen the recent movie.) Trainboy also expressed interest in reading a book with me that he'd picked out that only had occasional pictures.

Later on we went to the Zooniversity show which was pretty interesting, though Dinoguy really wanted to touch one of the animals and wasn't chosen while Trainboy was terrified she'd pick him as he fiercely whispered "I don't want to touch that!" each time she chose 4 kids to touch an animal. Seeing a porcupine up close was very cool to me. We also saw a king snake, prairie dog and the lizard native to Texas that regrows its own arms & legs. Dinoguy really enjoyed the show and I'm considering having him go to some of their homeschool programs.

Afterward we went to the spray park for a bit before coming home for dinner. Our visiting friends made a delicious lime coconut chicken soup that is Thai in origin and the boys had homemade pizza from Fixitman as well. (Fixitman makes a delicious pizza!)

It's time for sleep and the boys are picking out new interests. Dinoguy declares he's learned everything there is about reading in English and is ready to read another language. I find this out when he's carrying around a German translation of the book Jesus the Christ. He expresses interest/fascination with all the different language scriptures he's found on the bookshelf and I tell him a bit about them. He decides he wants to read the Arabic Book of Mormon so I pull out the old Alif-Baa textbooks from college and start teaching him the Arabic alphabet. Trainboy meanwhile has pulled out the cuisenaire rods to make colored trains.

Finally Fixitman reads the Transformers novel to the boys again before bed. What a lovely full day.


Stephanie said...

Five miles!!

The day sounds like a fun one....
and pretty funny and great that he knows all there is to know in English, and is moving on! (Really I think it's wonderful that he's chosen to take on something else.)

All is well at your end, it looks like. :)

mariann and Tory said...

Thats awesome that he wants to tackle another language! Good for him! Looks like you day was super busy and exciting!!


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