Thursday, August 20, 2009

Spies, slime and such

It's pretty hard to catch a spy on film. You have to be pretty sneaky. As it were, I couldn't get a photo of the other spy that's been trailing me lately. He was too fast!

The boys are so much fun! Today they asked to make slime so we made 4 kinds of slime from our slime kit and took them to share at the park. They were a big hit there too! Dinoguy learned chess at the park today and is quite excited about it.

This is a photo of Dinoguy's animals at the cantina a la the Lego Starwars game. Fixitman snuck a picture of it one morning. Imaginations are actively employed in our home.


Screwed Up Texan said...

I always find extra photos on my camera when I go to download photos. Once it was several photos of them getting into something they werent supposed to. Loved the look on their faces when i showed them the pics.

Emily Widdison said...

what fun you have!
I will have to try the ice play (how did you do those cool links at the bottom..."you might also like..."??)

KMDuff said...

Emily its a widget called LinkWithin. If you click the little words LinkWithin, it should take you to their page to find out how to add it. I thought it was pretty neat. :D


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