Sunday, July 26, 2009

Forward bound

After 2 months of scooting backwards, Munchkin is army crawling forward short distances this week. It has to be within a few inches for her to be motivated. She'll be full fledged crawling before we know it! Here are two short videos of her going after a train toy to show off her skills. They are short because the memory card was filling up, so they are not big distances and hope you can see her pulling forward. (You get a sticker if you immediately know what video the boys are watching in the background LOL.)

And because she's in a hurry to learn to run and chase her brothers I think, she did this twice today:These photos are of the second time. The first time she was at more of a 45 degree angle and I stayed nearby to help her down when her toes finally gave out. She then pulled the drawer out on top of herself and when I put it back, proceeded to quickly pull herself to this 90 degree stand pretty quickly. Guess she's a fast learner. Ack! We need to finish our cabinet remodeling project faster!


McKay Missy and Boys said...

Hooray for Munchkin!

Kami said...
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