Monday, August 31, 2009

Munchkin crawling

Just 2 weeks after figuring out how to go forward scooting, she moved to a full crawl and is getting quite fast. She loves to crawl in her brothers' room to find interesting toys. She really wanted me to give her the camera when I tried to take these pictures.

These are from a few weeks ago... time has been flying by! She has now cut 4 teeth on the top of her mouth. What can I say? She's in a hurry!


Kristi said...

Wow, they grow up fast, don't they? She's a cutie-pie!

mariann and Tory said...

She sounds like a typical 3rd child...wanting to hurry up so she can be like her brothers! Awesome!

Screwed Up Texan said...

She is so adorable! Everytime I check in on y'all I am amazed by her beautiful red hair!


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