Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hoover Dam

Our drive home took us over the Hoover Dam, and it was even day time! I had been to the Dam once in college - a fun story. Fixitman had never been though and it is a cool thing to see. So here our our photos at the Hoover Dam.
(Taken by Dinoguy)

You can see the construction of a major bridge going on above and behind the dam. They are almost done with the bypass road and bridge. It's sad because it changes the view again in this gorgeous location and those who drive on the newer, straighter, safer road will not have to slow down and enjoy the views. The road to the dam on both sides has 180 degree curves and is only 2 lanes. However, with as much tourism as was at the dam and all the new security checkpoints, I guess it makes sense. It is a very cool thing to visit, even if just for a quick photo!

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