Friday, January 24, 2014

November activities (Nov 2013)

Photos and short captions of our activities in early November.
Traiboy building with his Erector set
With the finished Lawnmower that actually ran around.
Cute Little Guy frequently tells me to take a picture. I usually oblige.
First weekend in November meant first overnight camp out for our new boy scout.
Dinoguy got to go on his first overnight camp out with scouts. He was thrilled. He had a blast.
We remembered to take the other kids to the Home Depot workshop and build ships.
It was kind of odd to not have Dinoguy with us, but they had fun because there was a bounce house too.
Trainboy made a bow tie with a dollar bill that he wore to church several weeks.
Princess is posing for a picture here. No idea where she got these poses from.
Little Guy felt he needed a turn posing. He's not quite as exuberant.
We went to the park and played with a stomp air rocket.

It might have been rainy, but it was warm. They played with this for over 45 minutes and might have gone longer but I was hungry so we had to leave.
Almost 39 weeks pregnant, documenting my belly.
 In preparing for the new baby and labor, I purchased an exercise ball to use in labor. It was also a great chair alternative in late pregnancy. I had not gotten one before because I figured kids would pop it. I was hopeful I could get this one to last at least until baby came. It made it almost a month but did not make it to labor day. We tried lots of repair ideas listed on the internet, which was not the smartest thing because some of the fixes cost almost as much as the ball. In case you are wondering, none of them worked permanently. If your ball gets a hole, just replace it. Duct tape, filling it with slime, bike repair kits...none of these worked for more than 24 hours. Luckily the hospital had a ball already that I was able to use.
Sitting on my ball post hole.

At Trainboys' last soccer game, here is Little Guy waiting in the rain with me.
Selfie at Lowes workshop with Little Guy

Their finished cars

Princess building her car.
 After the building workshop, Princess and I went dress shopping for an upcoming family wedding. Cute purple dresses on sale! It was the first time she and I have gone shopping together just the two of us. It was pretty fun.
She liked this one, I didn't.
I loved this one, she said it was itchy. Love the face.

Neither of us were crazy about this one.

Her favorite and the eventual winner after I checked with the bride and Grandma.
Boys creating a radio with snap circuits.
40weeks & 1day pregnant. We went to the park and I walked (waddled) around and did a few squats. Maybe it helped because the next morning I was in labor!

And that is a summary of some fun things we did in November before our new arrival!

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