Thursday, January 23, 2014

Halloween (Oct 2013)

For Halloween, Princess knew she wanted to be a knight. Right up until it was time to put on costumes, Little Guy declared he wanted to be a knight also. Then he wanted to wear his viking helmet and carry a pirate hook. So he was a viking-pirate-knight. Dinoguy originally wanted to be some alien creature from the book Ender's Game. We discussed how difficult it would be since masks weren't allowed and he finally settled on being a soldier. Trainboy also was planning to be a soldier. While these seemed like simple costumes to me, I procrastinated putting them together until the last moment. Fixitman made a bazooka and an RPG launcher for the boys to carry with their costumes and made a knights shield and a helmet for Princess. He would have made them for Little Guy but he didn't want them, preferring his Viking helmet and shield. They had a great time at our church Trunk or Treat and then several days later when we took them trick or treating as well. Little Guy and I walked slowly around one big block circle while Princess ran with her brothers and father to several more blocks.

There were more details we wanted to do - make Princess' helmet more elaborate, get the boys army boots or other shoes, find the camouflage handkerchief for Dinoguy's head instead of the blue one...but it was enough. Little Guy was happy running around getting candy and scaring people, while there was a lot of fake firing of the cardboard bazooka and RPG launcher.

Despite the use of the Switch Witch last year, this year they each ate almost all their candy. (Some was donated to Mom and Dad.) We'd already been sick the week before and gotten well, I guess everyone was happy to eat lots of sugar this year.

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