Monday, January 20, 2014

Arrow of Light (Oct 2013)

In October, Dinoguy received the Arrow of Light award at pack meeting. This is the highest award you can earn in Cub scouts and in receiving it, the boys are sent over a bridge to the Boy scouts troop. Dinoguy was quite excited about this and we were proud parents. He also worked hard to earn all 20 Webelos activity badges, not just the required ones.

Trainboy and the wolf scouts were in charge of the flag ceremony at this meeting. He was the caller and did a nice job of using a loud clear voice. He also earned several arrow points for his Wolf badge.
 After the regular awards were presented, the Arrow of Light ceremony began with the arrival of an Indian Chief (one of Dinoguy's good friends).
 The story of the Arrow of Light and following Akela was shared and each boy receiving the award was brought up with parents. (I stayed with our little ones while Fixitman went up.)
 Five boys received the Arrow of Light, which had much to do with the awesome Webelos leaders we had this year. (Webelos can wear either the blue Cub shirt or the tan Scout shirt.)
 Dinoguy had been anticipating becoming a boy scout for quite a few months now and was very excited for this transition. Sentimental for me, realizing how much he has grown in the past few years as a cub. Here is a picture of him, not quite 8, to compare with not quite 11 year old boy. He is wearing the same scout shirt in both pictures.

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