Saturday, October 05, 2013

June 2013 Activities

June 2013 was a full month of activities for the Duff family. While Fixitman worked at teaching students estimating, Trainboy (and the other kids) had fun building with Fixitman's new block toys he got for work research.
Look mom a ship!
Dinoguy and Trainboy had morning swim practice five times a week which meant I got lots of time with just Princess and Little Guy. We often went to the library or park. One morning the library had the emergency vehicles visit. We watched the helicopter land which was really exciting to the kids, but when it came time to get close to the helicopter, Princess hid behind my back and I lifted Little Guy in for a picture which he was not pleased about.

We warmed up a little bit sitting on the front of the Fire Engine and then climbing in a digger excavator.

After a little bit they even wanted to talk to the Policemen and Firemen and ask them questions.

We worked on some science projects with magnets. Here we are looking at attraction between the paperclip and magnet and trying to get the paperclip to "float" in the air.

Princess being cute at the park

We went to a swim meet every Saturday in June. Taking pictures of kids swimming isn't easy but I keep trying for some reason. The boys improved their times in the 25 Free and 25 Back almost every meet.
Dinoguy trying out the 100 Free - he didn't like it.

Trainboy trying out 25 breast stroke

Trainboy climbing out of the pool

Different meet - Trainboy preparing to jump off the blocks

Dinoguy getting ready to step up on the blocks
Father's day is in June! We had fun making breakfast for Fixitman and waking him up.

Read my card Daddy!
Cub Scout camp also happened in June. I went as a walking leader. This was Dinoguy's last year and Trainboy's first. Princess also attended the sibling care camp and had fun. I tried to take more pictures this year. It was hot but with a lot of water we had a good time.
I walked with Trainboy's group. Here we are waiting for crafts time to start.

Trainboy showing me his carved necklace.

A posed group picture of our group.

We did see Dinoguy sometimes during the week. He had great leaders and seemed to be having a great time.

Boys find a steep hill and have to climb it!

Trainboy enjoyed learning how to shoot a bow and arrow.

Learning to fire a BB gun was also fun!

Watching the egg drop at the end of the day

Trying out shooting while standing.

Watching track practice while big boys were at swimming. Princess is getting too big for the buggy.
At the end of the month we went blueberry picking before the season ended. We got totally lost on the way to the farm and got there much later than we had planned so it was starting to get hot. But fresh picked local blueberries are delicious!

Princess found some shade when she got hot and focused on picking berries she could reach from her shady spot.

Little Guy focused on drinking lots of water

It was a great small family farm to visit with other animals for the kids to see as well. Wish we'd gone more than once or been able to get there at 8 am but we'll go again next year.

There is a quick review of the things we did in June where I took pictures!

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