Saturday, October 19, 2013

July 2013 Activities

July begins with Independence day. We did go and see fireworks, but I managed not to bring my phone camera. I did bring glow bracelets for the kids which were a big hit waiting for the show to start.
Princess and Little Guy making froot loop necklaces again.
July also meant we could go in for an ultrasound! Yep, in November we are expecting a new baby to join our family! We are very excited.
We aren't finding out the gender until the birth!
We took the kids to Home Depot for the monthly building project. They are getting very good at it. Here is Princess nailing on the sides - she is quite good at it on her own now.
Little guy needs a little more guidance from Dad.
These two don't even sit near me anymore, they just go build it on their own now. Silly big kids growing up.
Here we are with our finished "minion" cars.
Trainboy really likes building structures out of these blocks. I often find towers built in my room.
We had some school history projects to finish up, here we are making candy stew using a Shakespeare poem. Dinoguy was really into it. He has a dramatic flair!
We had our last swim meet and shaved the boys' heads for it. Dinoguy loved it, Trainboy cried about having his head shaved until his dad shaved his head in solidarity. Fixitman pushed for me to shave Little Guy's head too, but I couldn't get myself to shave his beautiful red hair. What if it didn't come in red again?
Trainboy waiting to swim

Dinoguy waiting to swim

Shortly after pushing off.

Boys and their good friend we went to the meet with.

Princess with a shape design when she asked me to take a picture/

She also wanted a picture of this coloring page she did for her grandma.

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