Monday, October 28, 2013

August 2013 Trip (part 1)

August 1st we were on the road and headed north west! It has been 20 months since we last visited our western family and it was time to see them again. It is a long drive up but we decided to try and do the whole thing in one shot.
Pretending to be asleep
Little Guy is pretty fun in the van. He plays happily most of the time as long as you feed him on demand and well, the ability to watch movies in the van has definitely contributed to easy trips with toddlers.

Backseat boys
It turned out driving all in one trip was not the best choice for me, when we were almost there, I looked down at my right foot and noticed that I had lost my ankle. My foot was swollen! We had been stopping every three hours for me to walk around but it turned out I needed to elevate my foot more also. So we decided the drive home would have to be over two days instead. This is nice because it meant we would definitely visit my awesome Aunt & Uncle in Colorado but annoying because the trip takes so much longer!

When we arrived in Utah we stayed with my brother for a while. He has one guest bedroom and instead of having us all crammed in there or putting the boys in the living room, he suggested camping for the older boys! So they got to camp out in the back yard most nights. This brought its own adventures, including when the sprinklers were supposed to be turned off, but oops, one set went off and woke them up early in the morning! Overall I think they enjoyed the independence.
 We had lots of fun visiting my siblings who all live near each other right now. Here are some pictures having fun at the park with my baby sister.

This is my baby sister with her boyfriend who is now her fiance!
 Princess decided she had to try sleeping in the tent and it went alright one night and another night resulted in a lot of screaming apparently. I say apparently because I didn't hear it but heard about it so nicely the next day from my brothers' room mate. I felt so bad!
 Fixitman was helping my brother with a remodeling project while we were there and built a raised floor, added lots of insulation and widened a window in an old garage conversion that was not working out as a very usable space for my brother so he had a plan to make it into a media room. We were unable to finish the project before we had to head home, but did help him make significant progress.

This next picture is Little guy when we went to the movies and he wanted to sit by himself. He is getting big! We really enjoyed Despicable Me 2. I really was surprised by the strong family theme in the movie. I actually would recommend it, which is rare for me with movies.

Soon it was time to go visit more family farther north in Idaho! Luckily Grandma has great toys.

 Of course one time I came out to the living room and found them all watching their Dad play an electronic game.
Of course Princess enjoyed time with lots of girl cousins. 
Being silly with cousins

One of my nieces likes to put foam letters on people. Hence, Fixitman and the letter "Q"
Great smile from my niece

His sweet smile with the crooked glasses. How can you not love it? 
Okay that is enough for now. I will finish this up with another post later.

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Miranda said...

Sounds like yall had as fun a trip as we had! We had a great time getting to visit yall and laughing with our kids "Hey, the Duffs live in Texas, we live in Texas too, let's all go to Utah to visit!"


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