Thursday, June 27, 2013

February 2013 Forts, Friends, Fun

 Here are some pictures from several things we did in February.
I had Fixitman take a portrait of me in February after we went on one of those rare date things. Here it is!
Princess and a friend playing one day. I took the picture because she was wearing a skirt with leggings of her own choice. This was very exciting to me! (I won't let her wear tight leggings alone anymore and she hasn't liked wearing skirts. Together they make a great girly outfit that is play friendly and still modest. I have suggested it several times but been told no. So I was thrilled to see this outfit!)
My four kids playing in a tent fort in the living room. Tent forts were very popular in February.
Princess and Little Guy were proud of their duplo buildings they built this day and demanded a picture.
Fixitman finished the shields so that we had one for each child.
 The Blue & Gold Cub scout banquet had a knights of the round table theme this year. We were advised that all boys should bring a cardboard sword and shield in addition to their decorated cake and also they were to build a small catapult (from a kit) for a competition. Since we had already given each kid a wooden sword for Christmas and had 3 shields already from various Halloween costumes, all that was needed was to make a shield for Little Guy. They were all quite pleased to be equipped thus. The banquet was pretty awesome as far as Blue & Gold's go. I should say that the swords are frequently lost by the younger ones for hitting others with them. Teaching them stage fighting is on the list of necessary lessons still.
Ready for battle
Posing with their weapons.
Princess' cake decoration the night before while big brothers prepared theirs for scouts
Dinoguy's castle cake for Blue & Gold
Trainboy's castle cake for Blue & Gold

Our minivan stickers from my dear brother. Each kid picked their own character.  The family is in order from left to right. 
Handsome little guy ready for church. He wore a tie so I wanted a picture!
The previous picture caused an impromptu photo session and we might have been late to church because of it.
Princess all primped and ready for church. (She LOVES her pink cardigan)
Trainboy all handsome and clean and stylish
Dinoguy looking handsome

All four handsome kids ready for church
Trainboy at the Webelos family campout
Dinoguy and friends around a campfire
 We have had awesome Webelos leaders this year for Dinoguy and a family campout in a nearby backyard that had a wilder feel to it was planned. The boys had a blast. Fixitman was exhausted from work and was lucky to have Little Guy fall asleep with him quite early. Princess and Trainboy joined them pretty quickly since it was a cooler night and sprinkled rain a bit. Dinoguy was up until I made him go to bed. And they were up at the crack of dawn too. It was a fun experience though.

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