Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Other January 2013 pictures/activities

Haven't been sure how to theme the rest of January so here is a big random post of pictures and memories.

Boys putting together all their Lego games into one super game

Playing with mom's new math toy she got for Christmas

Look mom, I play shapes!

Painting Princess' closet pink

"I viking!"

Science experiment with cleaning pennies

New haircut!

Little guy likes to hold babies.

Short haircut for Dinoguy

Finger lights from Grandma

Yes, we had chocolate fountain for dinner one night

Picking fresh carrots from the garden

Pretty princess with her kerchief

preschool coop alphabet train party

Look! A robot Z!

What painting looks like at our house


Amy said...

I'm jealous of your shapes :)

KMDuff said...

They are called polydrons and they are awesome. :) They were on a super sale - $85 set for $21. Couldn't pass it up so it became my Christmas present.

KMDuff said...
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