Sunday, July 21, 2013

March 2013 visits

At the beginning of March, we drove to Dallas to have a quick visit with my sister and cousin. My sister was in Dallas for a conference and we drove up to spend time with her and then had lunch with my cousin and her family. My kids love playing with their second cousins and were sad when we had to leave. I managed to not take any pictures all day - but since I drove for over six hours I think that's excusable. My sister did take some pictures of me with my kids though. We went and saw a model train exhibit and then rode the free trolley for a bit.

 Then shortly after that we drove to South Carolina to visit another sister of mine who had a baby in January! I was thrilled for my kids first cousin on my side of the family. My mom was thrilled that we were there so she could have fun with all her grandkids!
My new nephew!

Going mini-golfing

My kids were thrilled to hold their new cousin also

My sister the proud mommy

A trip to the windy beach and down a pier

Princess and Little Guy loved giving the baby hugs

We went to the aquarium and observed Lemurs!

My little chicks inside a bald eagle nest

Being cute on Grandma's couch

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