Saturday, February 09, 2013

Galveston Beach August 2012

We finally went and explored Galveston beach as a family at the end of August. It isn't very far away and is a decent day trip. We had a great time!
Both older boys ran into the ocean immediately after getting there.

Baby loved the water. He was always running into it, and then surprised by the saltiness.

There was great sand on the beach for building. It was very different from the SC beaches I am used to though.

We built a bunch of different castles and water pathways.

Dinoguy enjoyed being buried in the sand until a bird landed on his face.

Of course Baby wanted to be buried also after seeing his brother!

I took so many pictures, I hope these few give you a sense of the fun we had. I just have so many lovely memories as a child at the beach in South Carolina. I hope my children also get similar memories of the joy of playing on the beach.

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