Friday, February 08, 2013

August 2012 Activities

Pictures from various things we did in August 2012.
Baby was interested in toilet training for a few days. Then he wasn't. Oh well.

Chik-Fil-A appreciation day was fun for the kids when they got to eat.

Baby sleeping with his dad. I find this so precious.

Bowling as a family. We took advantage of the free kid bowling this summer!

Fixitman joined us for this last trip.

Playing at a splash park. Water play in the hot summer!

Baby wanted nothing to do with getting wet at the splash park though.

Happy Boy!

My sleeping babe. He is getting big

Remember the Blue Bell tour? Let's do it again!
We took friends on the tour. Kids loved it again. It ends with ice cream!

Baby is sort of getting the idea of the picture...

We burned a bunch of stuff as we cut it down and cleared out the scrub around the house.

Boys love helping tend the fire.

Hi there.

Dinoguy has become quite the chef.

Trainboy showing how much hair was cut off. (Free haircuts at JC Penney!)

We managed to get a small bit off the back of hers but not much. It was a bit better though.

Dinoguy was especially happy with his new 'do.

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