Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pinewood Derby 2012

Fixitman and Dinoguy put a lot of work into the pinewood derby car this year. Fixitman says all he did was tell Dinoguy what to do and Dinoguy did it all. Yay for father son bonding I guess. However all that work paid off when Dinoguy won the Pinewood Derby! Dinoguy was surprised and thrilled. (Though since he won almost every heat, it makes sense.) It was really neat to see. Originally I wasn't going to stay the whole time but I ended up staying and it was really fun to see how happy he was when he won.
Sitting in the seats for watching your car race when he got to start the race.
Waiting for awards, wearing his first place heat ribbons.
All of the scouts lined up before awards.
What a reaction!
With his trophy and car and ribbons.

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Coach Peeni said...

Yay for Dinoguy. Congratulations! It good to know now what Fixitman's real talent is - getting his son to do exactly what he tells him :)


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