Friday, June 08, 2012

First Home Depot for Baby

Baby has been trying to use a hammer the past few times we've been at Home Depot for building projects. When it was a race car in March, we decided it was time for him to get to build. So he got an apron and built his first project (with a lot of help of course). The older kids loved this project too - they had a race track to race the cars down after you built them and the boys had a lot of fun racing their cars with other kids. Princess loved holding her car more than racing it. She also was more creative with the stickers.
 It's really past time to stop calling my sweet youngest Baby I guess. He is very much a toddler. Have to work out a new nickname!


Miranda said...

Nicknames for Baby:
-Hairy, Hairmuffin, Mopsy, Carrot-top, Fluffy (b/c I've never met a kid who needed THREE haircuts before he was a year and a half old!)

-Chunk or Chubs, but all your boys have been butterballs so that may not be unique enough :)

-Banshee! He's got some LUNGS!


I feel like a failure of a friend since I don't know his personality well enough to suggest a nickname based on his unique character :( Mostly he clung to you while yall were here... maybe call him Roo, like a baby kangaroo!

Jen said...

Hi my name is Jen. My father was doing family history & found the story you published about Lydia Downer Gates. We are related to her on my paternal grandmothers side. I just am so glad he found that story of her reading the Book of Mormon in her sleep. I felt the spirit so strongly as I read it and it strengthened my testimony of the restored gospel and all that we have in these latter days. Thank you! = )


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