Friday, July 27, 2012

Dinoguy's tooth removal

Did you ever wish you had an extra set of teeth in case you lost an adult tooth? Well Dinoguy came with an extra tooth. However it wasn't a bonus tooth to save for later, but an annoying partial tooth that was preventing his adult tooth from coming in. Luckily it looked like it was a simple removal and the dentist even hoped it could come out naturally after he lost his baby tooth. However most kids lose their front teeth by 9, so when we were past 9 and his front tooth was not even a little bit loose it was considered delayed. So it came to oral surgery. The surgeon pulled out two baby teeth and then were able to pull out the partial tooth without much trouble. Now we wait for his adult teeth to descend on their own.

Dinoguy thought it was memorable because he got to get put to sleep with laughing gas. Fixitman thought it was fun because Dinoguy was so "happy" afterward. Dinoguy did try to pull out the stitches at one point thinking they were something stuck in his gums, but he didn't get far before we stopped him. I am very grateful it was simple and straightforward and there weren't any complications.

His two baby teeth and the partial tooth

So now that he has a big gap in his mouth we told him we were going to call him "Fang". He didn't like that idea at all. I wonder how long he'll have a gap in his mouth before the other teeth appear?

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