Sunday, December 09, 2012

June 2012 Transit of Venus

The planet Venus moved in front of the sun in June and safe viewings were available on campus so we took all of the kids up to see it. In May there had been a solar eclipse that we had tried to make our own viewer for, but it didn't work very well due to the eclipse being at sunset here. So finding out they had telescopes on campus to help see this one was nice.
There were also some awesome goggles available for looking at it.
It was a small black dot moving along the side of the Sun. Not super exciting like when the sun had looked like a crescent in May. However it won't happen again until 2117 so it really was a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Sweet Baby with his Daddy.

Tried to line the kids up for a picture. in front of the fountain. Baby wasn't interested.

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