Saturday, November 17, 2012

May 2012 Activities and photos

Since it is six months later that I am posting this finally, let's go with quick summary style. Here are the best pictures from the month of May and short captions to try and explain what happened that month.
Baby wearing training pants. Mostly because I think I ran out of diapers that day.

Princess and Baby were spontaneously wrestling. It was funny to watch.

Princess grew these beans and was very excited to eat them.

He's just super cute.

A monster patch I did on Baby's pants.

Mother's day breakfast with my four helpers.

Trainboy lost a front tooth.

Pretty Princess

A history food project. One of our favorite things to do.

Baby gets a toddler bed. He was thrilled until he realized what it was intended for. Did not sleep in it for months. (Now demands to sleep in it though.)

An old hotel was imploded in town. We got up really early to go watch. It came down loud and fast!

My sister was visiting at the time. Here we are waiting for the blast.

Yay for early morning explosions!

Princess began her muffin making career (with Jiffy mixes) in May

Trainboy expresses his love for doing dishes. See the joy in his face?

Dinoguy attempts to defy gravity with a chair while reading.

Showing off some history projects.

Trainboy is ready for a battle.

Cutest civil war union soldier award.

Scrumptious cheeks for kissing.

Princess shows off her new jumper that Grandma made her.

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