Friday, March 18, 2011

Tree study

We have officially identified ALL of the trees in the yard, though I have forgotten the names already of one that was really cool. But the big news is that the suspected elm in the back yard is definitely an elm. See the winged seeds (called samaras?) I was leaning toward winged elm but I am questioning that again. It may just be an American Elm. It's an interesting question because of Dutch Elm disease.

Dinoguy and Trainboy started a nature journal, making drawings of the tree, its seeds and such. They got pretty into it. Of course when we went to the zoo they were only too happy to exchange their nature journal entries for points at the nature exchange. Oh well.

This page from Texas Forest Service has been very useful, but we had a few books about trees last fall that helped more overall. It was easier to see the differences and learn about trees from a book than a web page.

Other trees we have: We have a crape myrtle and Live Oak in our front yard. There is one small silver maple in the back yard as well as a sugarberry (or hackberry). Then there is the one I can't remember that was cool. Oh well, guess we need to check that tree book out again!

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