Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blue & Gold

Highlights from the Blue & Gold banquet in February. It was my first to attend as well as first to help plan and carry out. It went well - everyone had fun and there was good food.
Dinoguy's octopus cake for the cake competition. He wanted to make one that looked just like a real octopus but settled for this more cartoon-y one at my request. Cake making is now on his list of professions he plans to have.
Posing with his cake. Just a little bit of energy. The theme was "Aloha Cubs"
The table centerpieces I was in charge of. I had the wolves paint the pots and help mold some of the chocolate lollipops which are shaped like sea creatures.
Baby and Trainboy had hawaiian shirts. Fixitman isn't wearing one because his were used in the stage show.
Some of the kids and adults learning a hula.
Baby loves to stand.
Princess ate a lot of lollipops.
Dinoguy after popping his balloon to get beads.

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