Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring break

It was some lion cubs' birthday and the kids got cupcakes. She only ate part of the frosting. It was a really good cupcake.
They ate theirs completely though.
Princess LOVES seeing the animals. She also loves the movie Madagascar. Is there a connection?
 The spring break for public schools around here was mid March. I was feeling the need for a break from our schedule so I made it a "spring break" for us too. We went to the zoo, the science museum and on a hike at the Nature preserve. We also went to the park with friends, and Dinoguy attended soccer camp. It was a busy week of fun.
Water play at the zoo!

Fixitman was able to go to the zoo with us which was fun. Both boys took in nature stuff from our elm tree to get points in the nature exchange, Dinoguy almost has enough for some antlers he wants to buy with his points - where are we going to put those?
This was them playing and suggesting I take a picture. Love it.
He is so stinking cute!
 I didn't take the camera with me anywhere else that week unfortunately which was too bad, the math midway at the science museum was very awesome and we are planning to go back and have more fun at it. They had some cool stuff. Then to show how awesome I am, we hiked 2.5 miles at the nature preserve while I carried baby on my front and Princess on my back. It was a fun hike and made me feel good about exercise - if it enables me to do fun stuff with my kids because I am strong, it is worth it!


Stephanie said...

How awesome for you! Carrying two babies! Very cool. :)

And I so wish we had a science center. If we had that and the sea, we'd have everything. :)

Bridget said...

I am glad you guys got a spring break too. I can't believe you hiked with a baby on front and one on back. I don't think I would even attempt that.


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