Sunday, February 13, 2011

Potty training

Starting mid January Princess was introduced to the little training potty. She was ecstatic. After I cleaned it and reassembled it, she carried it away and tried it out, using it almost immediately. She knew what it was for without any explanation. Wow.

So began the official potty training adventure with her. She has been showing signs of readiness for months. However I wasn't starting the adventure when I was about to have a new baby or had just had a new baby.

We went to the store to pick out some potty treats and presents. She chose M&M's, Minnie Mouse underwear, sparkly hair clips and new stripey socks as her prizes. We made up our potty dance and song to sing when she makes it. She is doing fabulously. She has not had a defecation accident in weeks. Urination is harder. She makes it most of the time but sometimes is too busy playing to notice and I fail to remind her. I am having her wear training pants at night right now because I am tired of washing her sheets every single day. I probably need to work on a better night routine to help ensure night dryness. Anyway, having her (mostly) toilet trained is pretty fabulous.

I took these pictures at the beginning of this month because her outfit was so cute and hilarious. She wears a lot of dresses right now so that her bare bottom isn't always showing. What a cute bum it is though.

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Emily Widdison said...

oooohhh, potty training! Not my favorite. Good luck! She is pretty cute! :) But I am biased towards red heads!


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