Wednesday, July 28, 2010

End of Baseball

The baseball season ended at the beginning of July. The boys both had a lot of fun and I hear constantly from Dinoguy about his plans for next year and practicing for it now.

Trainboy's last game was actually in June because we were out of town for his last two games. Here are two fun videos from his last game - him getting a good hit and running around the bases (his dream!) because he was the last batter in the inning. The rules of tball make it a fun video. The second video is him fielding the ball and running it home (though no one was headed home). Well, atleast he knows to get it to a base!

Dinoguy doesn't have as many videos because I was the coach and Fixitman was keeping Munchkin from storming the field. We made a video of him hitting but he misses on all his pitches. He didn't get a hit that game, which upset him. He had gotten a hit or two in every game previous.

We did go out with some of the team for ice cream afterward which was a lot of fun for him.
And finally, Dinoguy's team photo.

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