Thursday, July 29, 2010

Safari at the Zoo

As part of the very cool Kids Club membership that we were given to the Museum of Nature and Science as a Christmas present from Grandparents, we were invited to a special event as part of the new Safari area at the Zoo.

The highlight was feeding the giraffes. They come right up and pull the lettuce out of your hand. Trainboy wasn't ready for how fast the giraffe took his lettuce.

There were also lots of crafts and activities. One pavilion has an elephant behind that when you hit it, it farts. Can I tell you how long we were there because that was the funniest thing in the world? The boys enjoyed painting their own faces and Trainboy personalized his paper bag lion by making it into an elephant instead.

Even though it was the evening, it was hot. Munchkin rode around in the stroller and would not share the water bottle. She really wanted to go into the enclosure with the elephants and was disappointed I wouldn't hop the fence.

If you ask Dinoguy what his favorite part was, it was the music. The African drummers had children participation and he really enjoyed it and kept going back for more. Here's a nice loud video showing some of his personality in drumming. Then my camera battery died.

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rob said...

Remember when Mom had the giraffe head in her lap on the Drive-thru safari/zoo in GA? Oh you might not have been there, but i think it freaked her out pretty good. The thing just put it's head right thru the open front window into her lap :)


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