Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow day!

Feb 11 was a snow day. I woke up hearing the boys talking about all the snow. We ate breakfast and put their snow gear on to play in it before it melted. Trainboy in Dinoguy's old snowgear, Dinoguy in my snowgear, Munchkin in her cute teddybear coat and Trainboys' old gear.

It kept snowing all day though. I think the high for the day was 36, making it a great snow play day. Big fluffy snow that is the perfect kind for snowmen and snowball fights. Sarge loves to catch snowballs in his mouth. Munchkin loved the snow, she walked, crawled and tasted it. The boys played in it for hours. Tuna can eyes for our snowman. Trainboy discovered he could pick up an imprint of his shoe. A snow "fossil"!

We tried building a snowman on the trampoline, but every time you move, it falls over pretty much. Then we decided it would probably stretch the trampoline out too much and had to break it up and throw it over. It was all from the snow on the trampoline. I thnk we got 4-6 inches, though we didn't measure. Lovely day of play.

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