Thursday, February 18, 2010


 Munchkin can say ma & da & dou (dog). Today she started saying duc (duck) in earnest. It started in the morning with her bath duck, she would say duc and throw it at me. Then we went to the park and she pointed to the ducks and said duc! She was very excited to see the ducks. Her ck sound is hard to hear, but it is there and occasionally comes thru clearer. It is clearly different from dou (dog) when she points to Sarge.

I've been signing words to her pretty reguarly for months now and she hasn't felt the need to sign back at me. She finds yelling and pointing to be fairly effective overall. I thought she signed nurse one day but she hasn't repeated it. We'll keep at it and maybe she'll become a signer. But she sure is trying to communicate!

Here is a video of us at the park and her saying "duc" as she walks towards the ducks and the pond. 

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Emily Widdison said...

Ruby is starting to say a few words here and there-it is so much fun, huh!
Love those red curls!
Actually, I made a real announcement in the previous post here:

I thought I was pretty creative and not so subtle:)


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