Sunday, February 21, 2010

Losing Teeth

Dinoguy lost his second tooth tonight, with a little help from Fixitman, who flicked it on the side with his finger. It popped out! You can see the tooth coming in behind it - it was quite ready to come out. I failed to blog about his first lost tooth on December 10 last year, we'll chalk it up to all the craziness of December. But it's kind of a funny story now to tell.

I took him into the dentist because we were quite concerned about the tooth growing in behind his baby tooth. Being novice parents, I was sure it meant his teeth were going to be all messed up, since it was coming in BEHIND and not right where the baby tooth was. Should have called grandparents perhaps, but in the panic of thinking how our son was doomed to have his father's teeth, I called the dentist and got an appointment as quick as we could. (Have you seen the bottom teeth in Fixitman's mouth? What happens when you don't get braces and you need them... scary stuff.)

The dentist was very patient and nice and explained that this was COMPLETELY NORMAL. That his teeth looked great, it would fall out any time and the tongue pushed the new tooth into place naturally. She said she would pull it if we liked but it didn't need anything. Dinoguy was already prepped for getting a tooth pulled, and that's what he wanted, so she pulled it out and put it in a giant tooth necklace for him to take home. The tooth fairy was a bit forgetful and took a few days to come collect the tooth.

So this tooth has been loose for a while and the new tooth was coming in behind and Dinoguy wanted to go have the dentist pull out the old one again. But I steeled my nerves (blood? ick!) and said no, she said it was normal and it'll come out naturally, just wiggle it. Well today, Fixitman was helping him wiggle it and then flicked it and out it came. Fixitman was quite excited about the whole thing, while Dinoguy was stuffing his mouth full of tissue paper for blood.

By the way, Do you like Fixitman's version of a bib for our daughter? We have a whole stack of them on the shelf right there, but he prefers the T-shirt & clothespin approach.


duff said...

It covers everything. And reminds me of the first time I cooked for you at my place. Nothing like offering your sweetie a t-shirt in place of a napkin.

Screwed Up Texan said...

Thank you thank you thank you for posting this! My son just lost his tooth and I was completely freaking out b/c he had a tooth coming in behind it and I was certain he was doomed to have my teeth...this eases my fears so much.

mariann and Tory said...

You guys should ahve called us...all of our girls had this happen at one point or another. One of the baby teeth on Madi didn't fall out and the permanent tooth grew right up next to it so we had to get it pulled because it couldn't wiggle out. Yes, we have made our dentists very rich with our visits:}


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