Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Trying out clubs & classes

We are participating in a clubs/classes co-op this fall as part of our homeschooling. It is once a week and involves a sign language class for Trainboy, a simple cooking class for Dinoguy, a gym class, and another hands on activity group. The boys were interested in the classes so we decided to try it out. It has been a positive experience. Here are some highlights from last week:
Munchkin attempts to shove an entire plum into her mouth.

Trainboy finds a new hidey-hole.

Popsicle paints for young learners (half tempera paint/half water frozen with popsicle sticks in a mold). (My picture is early in the painting before the kids really started putting paint everywhere, including all over themselves). This was a fun new way to paint.

Paper airplane making discussions.

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mariann and Tory said...

Sounds like a party! I like train boys new hiding spot!!


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